Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cassandra Dee

Teen Girl - "Do you think they make the same?

Teen Boy - "I dunno."

Teen Girl - "I mean, my gym teacher and science teacher can't make the same amount."

Teen Boy - "Why not?"

Teen Girl - "Because one is more important than the other?"

Teen Boy - "Says who?"

Teen Girl - "Um, anyone."

Teen Boy - blank stare

Teen Girl - "You don't agree?"

Teen Boy - "I don't agree with anyone that goes to private school."

I have a crush on a girl that goes to private school.  And now I can only speak in poem:

Oh, Cassandra
Full of light
Your eyes so blue
They shine so bright
I hate you

Radiant star
With hair of gold
Your hand in mine
I'll never hold
So I hate you

A princess here
On the pink line
What I would give 
To make you mine
But I won't because I hate you

Feelings betrayed!
My heart is numb
I think it's cute
That you are dumb
But it doesn't mean I don't still hate you

Your life of ease
 Mine of strife
We are two different
Walks of life
And I want your life and can't have it so I hate you

So, Cassandra 
Let it be
The love between us
Ne'er shall be
Because if you can read
It's plain to see
That really, honestly, truly, with all my heart and every fiber of my being, even though I can't wait to see your stupid perfect face again,
I hate you

The moral?  Don't EVER fall in love with a private school girl.

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