Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Teen Girl - "Oh my goodness.  No."

Other Teen Girl - "That's disgusting."

Teen Girl - "Why don't she make a sandwich or something?"

Other Teen Girl - "Maybe she can't find no meat."

Teen Girl - "They have bags of meat at Walgreens."

Other Teen Girl - "Maybe she can't afford Walgreens meat."

Teen Girl - "That's disgusting."

Being hungry is a real issue. 

There's hungry people everywhere.  Like, this girl on the train, she was eating a loaf of bread.  Just sticking her hand in a bag, and pulling out clumps of bread, and shoving them in her mouth.  Like a wild animal that don't eat other animals, but bread instead.

Now, I've seen some gross shit.  Once, my cousin ate one of them hot pickled sausages.  And my PawPaw eats chicken feet.  I don't know why you'd eat those.  There ain't even any meat on a chicken foot.  But people keep eating them anyway.  This girl was just eating fistfuls of bread.  Wheat bread, no butter, not toasted, just bread.

She probably got Crohn's or some weird disease where she can't eat nothing but bread.

Or maybe she is one of those homeless people, and was just hungry.  And someone walked by and she was like, "I need money", and that person was like, "I don't have any money, but I got this bag of bread I ain't gonna eat", and she was like, "Ok.", and now she was eating the whole bag on the train.

That is just disgusting.

Once, I saw someone on the 49 eating chicken wings.  And they just threw the bones on the floor.  Like no one else has to ride that bus.  I also saw a different person on that same bus eat two of those boxes of tuna salad.  The ones they sell at the 'Greens that are boxes, but inside they have a little thing of crackers and a little can of tuna salad and a tiny spoon?  I saw them eat two whole boxes of them, and then just set the trash on the back of their seat, they were in the very back row.  Like, even if there was still tuna salad left in the can, and half a cracker, no one is going to finish that off, no matter how hungry they were.

All this talk about food is making me hungry.  But I just looked at that lady again and now I lost all my appetite.

Anyway, bottom line: if you're gonna be hungry, ok, but don't eat all disgusting-like on public transport, cuz I don't wanna see that shit.

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