Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Am Actor

Actor: Did you do these the last time they had them?

Actor #2: No, I didn't have an agent then.

Actor: Yeah, they did them a long time ago.  I wasn't cast, and I haven't seen the commercials anywhere, so I don't even know what they did with them.

Actor #2: Oh.  Cool.

Actor: Yeah.  The copy's really fun, though, and everyone here's so super nice, so it's like, going to be a really fun audition.

Actor #2: Thanks.

Hello, my name's Heidy, and today I'll be reading the part of Self, from Heidy Hindler's "My Life".

Today, I woke up to an alarm.  An alarm that could have woken anyone.  Anyone else on the planet.  But this?  This alarm was mine.  This alarm sang to me like a rooster sings to the crops.  Like a bird sings to the morning dew on grass blades.  My alarm sang to me.  And I rose.  For I am one who responds.  I am Actor. 

Today, I had a question.  Who are we if we're not what we do?  Is life what we make of it?  No.  What we do defines us.  Who we talk to, the choices we make.  Life.  Life is me.  I can feel it beating through my veins and arteries and with each breath I take.  For I am someone who feels.  I am Actor.

Today, I had a hunger that needed to be fed.  I had an omelette du fromage, an Americano half the water, and half an English Muffin toasted, no butter, no jam, no preserves.  For I am clean.  I am whole and full.  I am Actor.

Today, I made choices.  I selected attire and hair that would benefit my character.  I wanted to feel at one with "RECEPTIONIST - early 30's.  Quirky, but personable and relatable.  Can be overweight."  For I decide.  I commit.  I am Actor.

Today, I did body exercise.  I chose biking over train.  I exercised my body before exercising my mind.  I logged biking calories into my Fitness app.  For I am healthy.  I am responsible with my caloric intake.  I am Actor.

Today, I did mind exercise.  I read, I remembered, I prepared.  For what is body without mind?  I am both.  I am all-encompassing.  I am Actor.

Today, I had an audition.  Audition.  Actor.  Self.  Neither what I do, but who I am.




Thank you so much I'll leave my resume and signed headshot here on the table you can call my agent I look forward to hearing from you and working with you and thank you for your time and for your time in advance in reviewing my materials I also have a website you can check out if you follow the link on the top right of my resume thank you so much have a great day.

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